Smart Warehouse

soy bean grain storage

An Internet of Things (IoT) and wireless sensor network solution for the agriculture industry.

Grains and oilseeds are stored at warehouses using traditional technology which leads to problems such as theft, rain, flood, variation in temperature and humidity, attacks of rodents, insects etc.

SGS has developed new Internet of Things (IOT) Portfolio of services Smart Warehouse, based on Smart Sensing Devices.

Smart Warehouse detects fluctuations in temperature, moisture, relative humidity and carbon dioxide (CO2) levels inside grain stockpiles. Real-time remote monitoring of conditions allows you to identify degradation of grains, early germination, and the growth of insects and microorganisms at the earliest stages. SGS Smart Warehouse helps to mitigate risks while ensuring the quality and long-term value of your products stored.

soy bean grain storage

Benefits of Smart Warehouse

  • Helps prevent contamination molds, mites, insects and microbes, and premature germination
  • Helps prevent unauthorized movement of the stored commodities
  • Real time monitoring
  • Automated reporting
  • Allows fast responses to reduce product damage or theft
  • Reduces costs and helps maintain competitive place in the market
  • Advanced analytic systems helping to react way before the degradation effectively occurs and prevent the loss

Continuous monitoring of storage conditions

What is Smart Storage?

Temperature increase, humidity or water leakage all threaten your inventories during storage. Using Internet of Things (IoT) technology, SGS’s Smart Storage helps you to mitigate these risks, to ensure the quality and long-term value of your products.

Deploying Smart Storage delivers timely and accurate information to protect stored commodities. By using our advanced analytic and AI systems identify issues and enable preventive intervention before any degradation occurs, thereby preventing losses and securing cost avoidance.


  • Real-time warehouse storage conditions monitoring on multiple locations
  • Preventive maintenance and cost avoidance: Advanced analytical services and Machine Learning algorithms
  • Sensing: temperature, humidity, light, motion, water leak, access (door open/close), external weather conditions and general Input
  • Secured cloud solution with mobile application for 24/7 monitoring of storage conditions
  • Custom dashboards and reporting

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