Compliance & Customised Solutions

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Digital Solutions

Embracing new technologies, such as the cloud, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, make businesses more efficient and sustainable. We have developed digital solutions that deliver knowledge, insight, transparency, traceability and efficiency to help you to manage quality and safety. We invest significant resource in world-class cutting-edge innovations to support delivery of the best overall solutions to our clients.

Compliance Solutions

Technical Solutions

Our experienced technical advisors can help you to establish the best strategies and to meet your regulatory and contractual requirements.

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Food Label Review

We review labels for regulatory compliance – and correct language – in 84 different countries, verifying the inclusion on the label of the proper ingredients. 

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Digital and technical solutions

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Digicomply is a powerful content management platform that combines AI technology with the expertise of our food compliance teams.

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eVision lets you capture all the technical and legal information related to a product.

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Smart Warehouse

An Internet of Things (IoT) and wireless sensor network solution for the agriculture industry. Smart Warehouse detects fluctuations in temperature, moisture, relative humidity and carbon dioxide (CO2) levels inside grain stockpiles. 

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Transparency-One supports the global food supply chain industry by helping companies ensure their products are safe and conform to product safety rules and regulations.

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