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Delivering food compliance news and regulatory information tailored to your needs – anytime, anywhere.

SGS Digicomply is a powerful content management platform that combines AI technology with the expertise of our food compliance teams, to sort and classify huge volumes of global compliance data into a single, coherent and reliable source that’s specific to your needs.

bags of beans

SGS Digicomply content delivers:

  • Insight into the regulatory development process
  • Support to the decision-making process within an organisation
  • A single point-of-data, ensuring security and efficiency
  • Support to impact assessments while keeping track of historical issues
  • An easy to search global repository of food regulations

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How does Digicomply work?

Everyday we monitor thousands of web pages to identify content relevant to food compliance services. Our food regulation experts then add insights and analysis. Choose what’s most important to you and receive that information directly to your inbox. SGS Digicomply also supports features such as likes, shares, and comments, as well as tasks and tracking.

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