Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS)

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Ships are installing exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS), or scrubber wastewater systems as an alternative to using low-sulfur fuel to meet global regulations.

SGS offers a number of services to assist shipowners meet EGCS guidelines for coastal Emission Control Areas (ECAs) and the International Maritime Organisation's (IMO) 2020 sulfur cap. 

SGS helps you meet regulations

SGS assists shipowners to meet the IMO Guidelines for Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems through a range of testing, certification and verification procedures. We perform sampling and analysis of pH on-board while the ship is in transit to ensure no disruption to operations. SGS also provides sample kits to the ship with a protocol for sample collection, and then analyse the samples when the ship arrives in port.  

SGS has conducted over 400 sampling events aboard cruise ships, ferries, and general cargo ships, ensuring an efficient and quality experience.

Our Services

Our sampling and testing services for exhaust gas cleaning systems, includes:

  • Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) audit, validation and calibration
  • Data management and data interpretation
  • Measuring NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, Oxygen, NH3, dust and flow, according to IMO revised Annex VI, CARB, US EPA and EN Methods
  • Onboard testing, monitoring and reporting of particulate loading, particle size distribution, and chemical analysis of particulate at the EGCS gas inlet and outlet
  • Onboard EGCS sound level testing, monitoring and reporting 
  • Onboard analysis of water samples
  • Onshore analysis of water and fuel oil samples 

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