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Managing effective meetings from SGS – training to help you conduct more inclusive, effective and productive meetings.

When it comes to running meetings, managing the different agenda items, time restraints and personalities involved can be challenging. As a result it can be difficult to control dominant team members, encourage quieter personalities to contribute and cover everything you need to within the given time.

This course will provide you with a rich insight into people and time management to ensure your meetings are more effective and productive. You’ll learn a range of tools, techniques and practical measures to help you get more from your meetings.

Why choose the managing effective meetings course from SGS?

This one-day course can help you:

  • Identify the need for organising meetings
  • Recognise the different types of meeting and their purposes
  • Learn how to prepare, plan, conduct and follow up meetings more effectively
  • Develop agendas, objectives and processes
  • Understand your role as the meeting organiser and the role of your stakeholders
  • Handle interruptions by using simple techniques
  • Understand behavioural issues and how meetings can become unproductive and lengthy
  • Continually improve your meeting techniques to improve efficiency

Manage your meetings more effectively with this essential course from SGS, one of Australia’s leading providers of management training

As a trusted world leader in management training, we offer you unmatched experience and expertise in people and time and management. As a result, this course will provide you with a fascinating insight into the topic and a set of tools that will transform the way you conduct your future meetings.

To discuss how our managing effective meetings course can benefit your organisation, contact us today.