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SGS Advanced Reservoir Quality Services (ARQS) are lab-based lithological analysis and interpretation services utilising multiple technologies to provide consistent, statistically sound and comprehensive mineralogical and lithological analysis.

We use complementary geo-analytical techniques such as QEMSCAN, XRD, SEM, Optical Petrography and Geochemistry to provide detailed down-hole lithological information even in wells where only cuttings are available. In particular, the application of QEMSCAN in cuttings analysis not only provides detailed mineralogical data but also high resolution lithological data which is invaluable for increasing clarity in complex or previously indistinct stratigraphic zones. ARQS specialise in mineralogical and lithological characterisation of a wide range of sample types including cuttings and core materials from both conventional and unconventional plays.

We can also combine ARQS data with the experience of our subsurface consultancy group (SGS Horizon) to provide petrophysical and wireline interpretation, and integration into reservoir modelling studies.

ARQS analysis and interpretation

ARQS analysis and interpretation produces an accurate mineral map of a sample to give you quantitative bulk mineralogy data (grain density, mineral size, estimated porosity), even identifying trace heavy mineral phases and igneous or metamorphic material.

By combining mineralogical and textural criteria to define lithologies, and the spatial relationship between the samples, ARQS generate downhole plots to provide stratigraphic cross-sections for correlation with existing down-hole wireline and geophysical data. We also have the capability to remove caved or contaminated lithotypes from your dataset.

Why SGS?

Our extensive analytical expertise combined with our experience in correlation, diagenetic, sedimentological and reservoir evaluation studies ensure that you are provided with a comprehensive, high quality, integrated data and interpretation package. Data outputs can be used in conjunction with petrophysical data to calibrate wireline logs, spectroscopy and engineering data for instance to help in minimising drilling problems. Our ARQ Services are particularly beneficial for unconventional reservoirs, where XRD analysis alone may provide inconclusive results; if textural properties are key (gas shale, tight gas, oil sands); or in reservoir sections where cuttings are the dominant, or only, material available for analysis.

The SGS ARQS team supplies you with preliminary data and a basic report within 4-6 working weeks for up to 100 samples; or 6-8 working weeks for up to 200 samples.

For more information about how our ARQ Services can assist you, contact your SGS representative.

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