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GHG lead verifier course from SGS - a comprehensive green house gas course (GHG), to help you with carbon neutrality accounting and compliance with ISO 14604 requirements.

Managing and monitoring your organisation’s GHG emissions is an essential part of meeting your environmental obligations. Our GHG lead verifier course provides your personnel with the skills and knowledge required to qualify as lead verifiers and help your organisation meet the requirements of ISO 14064.

Why choose the GHG lead verifier training course from SGS?

We can help your staff to:

  • Qualify as a lead verifier (those wanting to qualify as a lead verifier will be required to complete Modules A, B and C)
  • Understand carbon neutrality accounting
  • Understand the requirements for establishing GHG inventories 
  • Understand the ISO14064-1 concepts and requirements for GHG inventories and management system requirements 
  • Understand the auditing requirements for verification to ISO 14064 Parts 1 and 3.

The trusted GHG lead verifier course from Australia’s leading supplier

As a leading supplier of courses, we offer you unrivalled experience and expertise in GHG lead verifier courses. We offer you modern training facilities and experienced instructors across Australia.

Our four-day course is a prerequisite to becoming a lead verifier. It combines an introduction to carbon neutrality accounting and reporting principles, with the reporting and verification requirements of ISO 14064-Parts 1 and 3.

The three modules are organised as follows:

Module A (Day 1): this is suited to those wishing to understand the concepts of carbon neutrality. It is also suitable for those within an organisation that is in the early stages of determining its GHG inventories, and plans to align its GHG reporting with the requirements of ISO 14064-1 and 3. Topics covered include: 

  • Climate change and GHG framework
  • Carbon neutrality
  • Scope and definitions of ISO 14064-1, 
  • GHG accounting and reporting principles
  • Organisational and operational boundaries
  • Quantification of GHG emissions and removals

Module B (Day 2): this is suited to organisations or consultants wishing to further understand the requirements of ISO 14064 Part 1 and 3. This would suit those who are considering aligning their existing GHG reporting with the requirements of ISO 14064-1 or planning for independent verification of their GHG assertion. Topics include: 

  • GHG inventory and quality management (ISO 14064-1)
  • Introduction to ISO 14064-2
  • Basic concepts of GHG verification (ISO 14064-3), including the verification process

Module C (Day 3 and 4): this further details the verification requirements and considers real case studies required as part of the lead verifiers training. Topics include:

  • On site verification approaches and tools (ISO 14064-3)
  • Verification statement
  • Real case study in the application of ISO 14064-1 and 3.

To find out more about our GHG lead verifier course, contact us today.