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Identify potential problems at the earliest stage to save time and money, and minimise danger to consumers and your brand with furniture risk assessments from SGS.

As a furniture manufacturer, ensuring the quality of your product and the safety of consumers is paramount. Of course, compliance with the Global Product Safety Directive (GPSD) and specific standards for furniture are vital. However, today, furniture products are becoming more complex, including new functions that may generate risks and hazards not covered by existing standards. We offer you comprehensive risk assessment services, specially tailored for furniture manufacturers, to help you identify and evaluate product risks.

Why Choose Furniture Risk Assessment from SGS?

We can help you:

  • Identify potential hazards with a product risk assessment
  • Determine any issues at the concept stage with a feasibility assessment. This is conducted at the earliest opportunity, before resources are invested in developing the product. We will document any potential hazards identified with the concept and state the applicable standards or directives that apply
  • Confirm the safety of your product with a product safety review. We will conduct a brief examination of your product to identify potential hazards which could lead to product recalls or injuries
  • Understand the reasons behind a furniture product failure
  • Ensure the future safety of consumers
  • Protect brand confidence
  • Reduce product recalls
  • Gain essential data to help you make informed decisions

Identify the Risks in your Furniture Products with a World Leader in Furniture Assessment Services

As a world-leading provider of inspection, testing, verification and certification services for the furniture industry, we offer you unrivalled expertise in assessing furniture risk.

With a global reach, we can help you identify hazards wherever you are in the world. With our extensive network of PIE experts in Europe, US and Asia, we will work with you to make design changes and find solutions to any potential concerns, helping you deliver a safer product.

Also, our failure analysis services can help quickly determine the cause of a failure, what you need to do about it, whether a product recall is required, and how the failure can be prevented in future.

To discuss your furniture risk assessment requirements, contact us today.