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Are your customers getting the service you expect?

Mystery shopper services are an independent assessment of your operating procedures, code of conduct and your customers’ real experience.

Mystery shopping in a retail, hotel, restaurant or automotive environment helps you identify gaps in expectation and take the necessary remedial action. It will raise awareness of your procedures and improve staff conduct. As a result you will see customer service levels improve which may in turn lead to increased sales.

At SGS we work with you to understand your organisation, its procedures and code of conduct. Posing as a real customer our mystery guest will perform the role and activities of any regular guest or customer. Our mystery shopping services are well planned and executed programmes.

Retail mystery shopping

Harmonising the customer experience is increasingly popular with national and international retailers and brand owners. Brand awareness and reputation mean companies often standardise the organisation, manufacture and marketing of products. However, global brands are also often customised to local markets while retaining their brand identity.

At the outset we will work with you to ensure that you have correct measures in place. Our mystery shopper will then visit stores to examine your point of sale and customer service. They will identify and report on whether the team has been successful in creating the perfect sales experience.

Hotel mystery shopping and restaurant mystery shopping

Mystery guest teams working in the hospitality sector will examine the interaction between staff and guests, but will also experience or use some of the facilities. Some of the activities our teams may carry out include:

  • Making an enquiry and registering for membership
  • Making a phone reservation or booking
  • Visiting to dine and experience the entertainment
  • Staying overnight in a hotel, which may include use of some or all of the facilities
  • Purchasing a product, examining the product presentation and attributes
  • Seeking advice from reception, management or a central function

Your programme will deliver full feedback from our mystery shoppers and a review of your point of sale and interactions with staff. Ultimately the guest perception and experience is the true measure of service and product quality. To assist you in improving the customer experience we will develop a unique measure of customers’ experience against your vision and together we will determine target client groups for your organisation to focus on.

Automotive mystery shopping (brand protection audits)

Your dealer network is the human face of your brand. A professional dealership builds on your brand and drives the business forward. It is critical for car manufacturers that the dealer network respects the brand and conforms to your standards.

Our mystery shopper/brand protection audits protect, maintain and build your brand by inspecting and reporting on your dealerships’ compliance to the organisation’s guidelines. A professional auditor plays the role of a customer and reports on an agreed set of criteria. They also serve as a complementary tool to any traditional second party audits you may carry out.

We can also carry out these audits at your competitor’s dealerships, providing you with useful information about their attitudes, strengths and weaknesses.

Find out more about our mystery shopper services, an independent assessment of your customer service standards.