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Local laboratory to support your needs.

Our purpose-built Laboratory in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea offers internationally recognised quality testing to the food manufacturing, hospitality and retail market segments.

SGS Papua New Guinea laboratory offers a wide range of services which provides you with global reach and local experience to comply with laws and policies.

Outsourcing to SGS Laboratory Services gives you peace of mind that your laboratory testing requirements are in the hands of world-class experts while you focus on your core business.

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Industries and Environment

We provide the world’s most comprehensive range of integrated inspection, testing, certification and advisory services, powered by the latest technology and digital tools. Our global network and local expertise help you to navigate a wide range of new standards, regulations and corporate responsibilities.

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Health and Nutrition

At SGS, we offer the widest range of testing, inspection and certification solutions for the crop science, food, health science and cosmetics & hygiene industries.

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Industries & Environment

Water Quality, Testing and Analysis

Analysis services

We offer a comprehensive range of Water, Soil/Sediment and Metals analysis services to help you fulfill your regulatory requirements.

Water analyses include metals, microbiology, and general chemistry methods, such as minerals, residue, anions, and nutrients. Each matrix has specific requirements and methods.

Using state-of-the-art technology to produce accurate and reliable data, our soil analysis experts can test your soil samples for a wide range of analytes. We have the most recent technology for rapid extraction and isolation of these analytes. Various clean-ups are used to remove interference from complex matrices and provide the most accurate and reliable data.

We have a global network of technical experts ready to help you select the correct methods for your testing requirements. Selection will consider regulatory requirements, the required analytes and detection limits. Working with SGS will ensure testing and analysis is efficient and meets your data objectives.


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Sediment and Soil Analysis

Meet minimum clean-up level requirements, ensure legal compliance and protect human health with soil testing and analysis.

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Water Testing

Water quality testing protects the environment and public health. We provide analytical services for:

  • Potable Water
  • Waste Water
  • Treated Water
  • Fresh Water
  • Ground Water
  • Estuarine and Marine or Sea Water

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Microbiological Analysis

Our local Papua New Guinea laboratory presence enables us to minimise risk, maintain and meet the required 24 hour sample holding time.

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Metals Analysis

Protect human health with a full-range of Metals testing services in:

  • Soil and leachates
  • Water
  • Biota 
  • Waste rock

Health & Nutrition

Microbiological Quality, Testing and Analysis

Quality and regulatory testing

Microbiological testing identifies bacteria to ensure products and processes do not harbor harmful pathogens. 

Bacteria spread easily and can harbor on a wide range of matrices, including water, food and dust. Organisations must protect their employees and stakeholders to ensure regulatory compliance and safeguard their business reputation.  

A critical part of any health and safety operation, microbiology analysis ensures products and processes are not harboring bacteria that can lead to contamination or infection.  

We provide microbiological testing to assure reliable data and credible results for a multitude of products throughout Papua New Guinea. We deliver fast, accurate results, utilising the latest technology in testing and reporting – regardless of product specialty and geographic location.


bacteria on agar plate

Food and Swabs Microbiological Analysis

  • Total Plate Count 
  • Bacillus cereus 
  • Coliforms / E.coli 
  • Enterobacteriaceae 
  • Salmonella 
  • Mould Count 
  • Yeast Count 

irrigation on fields

Water Microbiological Analysis

  • Heterotrophic Plate Count
  • Coliforms / E.coli 
  • Faecal Coliforms 
  • Legionella pneumophila 

Why choose SGS?

With local expertise backed-up by global capabilities, we can help you comply with local laws and policies. Our advanced methods require the collection of smaller sample volumes, reducing the cost of field sampling and transportation, while still delivering superior results. 

We provide you with a global network of environment, health and safety specialists that deliver efficient, accurate results in accordance with your project objectives. The data we provide will help you make quality decisions designed to aid your business and to help protect the environment and human health.

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