IoT Smart Warehouse

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Mitigate risks to ensure the quality and long-term value of your products.

Monitor and protect stored goods, assets and commodities with Smart Warehouse from SGS.

Temperature increase, humidity or water leakage can threaten inventories during storage. Our internet of Things (IoT) Smart Warehouse enables you to mitigate these risks, ensuring the quality and long-term value of your products.

Smart Warehouse delivers timely and accurate information to protect stored goods, assets and commodities. It features advanced analytic and artificial intelligence (AI) systems to identify issues and enable preventive intervention before any degradation occurs.

Our proprietary solution, Grain Smart Warehouse, helps you to monitor conditions of stored commodities. It addresses problems such as theft, rain, flood, variation in temperature and humidity, rodents and insects, which occur when grains and oilseeds are stored at warehouses using traditional technology.  

Why choose Smart Warehouse from SGS?

Smart Warehouse enables you to:

  • Gain real time monitoring using our online platform  
  • Quickly and accurately detect the affected area
  • Receive alarms and required information for quick action
  • Secure the value of stored goods in an efficient, innovative and affordable way
  • Automate and simplify monitoring by receiving periodic measurements of most relevant parameters
  • Access real time results online and react to potential problems without delay
  • Anticipate events and react before a problem occurs with our advanced predictive analytical AI systems 

Why SGS?

Our state-of-the-art proprietary IoT solutions and extensive experience provide you with the next generation of impartial trusted, verification and certification solutions.

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