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Complying with international, national and local standards.

Ensure your high quality goods and products comply with global and local standards, market regulations and bespoke customer requirements with our Audit services.

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Audit services covering the entire value chain

We offer a range of audit services to cover your entire value chain, whether process, organisation, service or systems. Our specialist audit service teams have localised experience in every industry or sector, ensuring your processes and operations meet and exceed the market regulations and standards required.

We provide global market expertise with our advanced testing facilities among the best in the world. Our expertise will always add value, whether through audit, certification or technical assistance.

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Food safety audit solutions

We provide a suite of food safety management and auditing programs at every stage of the value chain within the food industry:

  • Food and beverage manufactures 
  • Primary producers in farming, fisheries and agri-trade
  • Food transportation
  • Trade and logistics companies
  • Food processing firms and suppliers
  • Retailers and the hospitality sector
  • Ethical audits (SMETA/ Responsible business services)

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