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To help you enhance your environmental reputation, manage risk and increase business efficiency, our international team of experts offer guidance in everything from complying with environmental regulations to assessing environmental performance. We support you with state-of-the-art laboratory analyses, knowledgeable consultants, and a comprehensive range of specialised environmental and climate change services.

Minimise your affect on the environment and meet your regulatory obligations.

The environment is at the top of the agenda for governments, civil society and citizens, and is likely to remain so for some time. Its importance in business and purchase decision-making, as well as in legislation, standards and regulations is increasing all the time.

As a result, no business can afford to take the environment for granted. Whatever your industry or area of activity, you need to minimise your impact on the environment and protect it as much as possible.

As the world’s leading provider of environment services, we offer testing, sampling, inspection, certification, verification and a comprehensive range of specialist solutions to help you minimise your environmental impact.

With a continually expanding network of laboratories in close to 140 countries all around the world, we are your ideal partners. Our broad global experience means we offer extensive knowledge on local, national and international standards to help your business comply and excel in the most innovative way possible.

We can help you with every aspect of your environmental responsibilities, including:

  • Air: we provide a range of highly specialised ambient and indoor air sampling – in the field or at one of our specialist laboratories
  • Soil: we offer a variety of environmental drilling, soil and sediment sampling, and geotechnical services
  • Water: we conduct independent sampling and analysis of surface water, groundwater, process water, waste water and much more
  • Waste: we can help you assess, monitor, reduce and manage your waste products
  • Climate change: from testing for micro-pollutants to ensuring compliance with new greenhouse gas emissions regulations, we help you understand and optimise your relationship with the environment, and comply with environmental standards

To discuss how we can help you improve your environmental footprint, contact us today.

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